How to communicate and travel safely on the byways and highways in the state of Nevada.

If you’re planning a road trip of any distance, take a look at using Nevada’s Rest Areas on your route to stop at. It’s a great way not to over stress yourself. Nevada Rest Areas are designed to provide highway travelers a safe and convenient facility to rest before continuing with their journey.

Mobile Technology - Communicating while Traveling

Is having a cell phone enough for traveling the byways of Nevada?

The short answer is most likely not. Although with current smartphone technology you mostly have access to maps, directions and even traffic information. This system will only work of course if you’re able to save your route on your phone (in case that you lose your data signal).

GPS navigational systems work well, the maps are preloaded and can be updated, and even most new vehicles thankfully have an option for NAV-GPS systems installed. If your vehicle isn’t equipped you may purchase a portable GPS unit without too much fuss. Just be aware that dense forests, deep valleys and for that matter dense cities scapes can interfere with GPS signals. In any case ‘legacy tech’ yup, paper maps are still available.

Lets chat about CB Radios. Yes they’re still in use today and most professional drivers of trucks and tour buses rely on them. Why? Its a great way to communicate short distances. It’s relatively inexpensive and has saved numerous lives when there’s no cell service available. Pick one up that has a magnetic mount antenna and your ready to roll, (no two way radio license needed).

If you have what it takes to get a HAM (Amateur Radio) license, an option that opens up so much more communication potential, using repeaters it’s amazing the distance it can cover.

Of course there is the SAT phone option, in which the prices have recently dropped, just as a GPS unit you’ll need a clear view of the sky to get your signal out.

Traveling the Nevada byways is a wonderful experience, we wish you safe travels.